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Loveless Claims__*

__claim your cat ears here ((:

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Welcome to Loveless Claims, a claiming community for claiming--obviously-- anything to do with LOVELESS the manga or anime.

.The golden rules.

1) Each member is allowed 2 claims.

2) Unless, of course, you contributed to the comm in some way (eg making us a pretty layout, icon or banner). Then you will get extra claims depending on the magnitude of your contribution. (2 claims for each icon, colourbar or button. 3 claims for each banner and 5 for a layout).

3) Posting your claims on your userinfo or anywhere on your journal gets you 1 extra claim if you want it.

4) Sharing of claims is allowed, but only if all parties are agreeable. Please contact said parties yourself before asking for the claim. Please also ask the person/people whose claim you want to share to leave a comment in the post in which you asked for the claim so that the mod can verify their agreement. More than 2 people can share a claim but if, for example, you want to be the 3rd person to share it, both of the previous claimers have to agree to it, and not just one.

5) Please always post in a new entry, regardless of whether you are asking for a claim, changing/giving up your claims, using up your pending claim, or are switching your claims to another journal. Please also state what your previous claim was when doing so. Do not ask for any of these in the comments of a previous entry.

6) When you claim a character, you claim him/her for both the anime and manga. (ie. anime!Soubi = manga!Soubi). Seiyuus are, of course, different from characters.

7) Ears and tails are different, which means someone may claim Yuiko's cat ears, and someone else may claim her tail. ^^; However, ears come in pairs, so no claiming of 'one of his ears' etc. Their cat ears are also different from their human ears.

8) No flaming others, but other than that, nice discussions are allowed. ((:

9) Pimping out your own comm here is also allowed, but your community has to have something to do with Loveless (obviously) and you first have to be a member and made at least 1 claim first.

10) If you really suffered through all the purple font and read the rules, remember to put the phrase 'butterfly lovers' somewhere in your post. ;)

Brought to you by: mistyfox a.k.a. pinkpopcorn_724

Thus, if you have any problems with the comm, or don't understand the rules or would like to clarify them, you're welcomed to drop a comment in the mistyfox's journal (not in pinkpopcorn, please), or simply post in loveless_claims. ^_^

I'm sorry if the claims list isn't always updated punctually or if it takes a while for me to respond to questions. I'm really busy with other stuff at the moment, but I'll try my best. x)

Have fun claiming!


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Want to affiliate with us? Just drop comment in the mod's LJ. (: